Our mission is to guide young adults with cancer, to social support programs and services that can help them manage their mental healing as well as their physical battle.

Our goals are to provide to young adults with cancer:

  1. Base2Summit: A 6 day experience in Northern Michigan
  2. Travel expenses to cancer camps and conferences
  3. Age appropriate peer support groups and cancer information
  4. Annual CHSCF Base2Summit Scholarship
  5. Guidance on scholarships and other financial assistance

Our purpose is to direct and encourage young adults with cancer to engage and take advantage of these programs and services. The reason we do what we do is simple. Each year 70,000 young adults in the United States are diagnosed with cancer and in the last 40 years survival rates for that group have NOT increased. Supporting those young adults and fulfilling their unmet need for information is a challenge; CHSCF intends to fill the information void with our outreach programs.

Why the shoe you ask?  Well, in 2010 Cassie went to Camp Mak-A-Dream and painted a tile that hangs along with many others to make a beautiful mosaic wall of art.  If you ever take a trip there, look for it!