Jay Johnson

Jay Johnson with 3 friendsI was first diagnosed will A.L.L at the age of 5. Even though I was going through treatment I was always a happy kid and never complained about anything. My biggest worry was what the other kids would think of my bald head, it turned out they liked it! Skip ahead some years and I’m graduating the 8th grade, living life like a regular kid. Unfortunately during my 9th grade year I relapsed on my 6th yr anniversary of being in remission. Things were totally different this time around. As I’m starting treatment again I slowly lose my ability to walk and things got very tough for me. I had to learn to sit up again and the slightest touch could knock me over. All that therapy paid off because a bulldozer can’t knock me over now lol. I always believe things happen in life for a reason. This literally happen to me when the doctor told me I relapsed with a different cancer, C.M.L. A week before the doctor told me about my new cancer I had done a research paper on the same type. I wasn’t worried at all, I was ready for this one. Now I’m in remission from all cancer.

As far as camp goes I was so nervous my first time going. I had never been on a plane or away from home by myself. My biggest concern was how would I have fun in a wheelchair at camp. It was amazing. I was ready to go back before I had left. My most memorable time at camp was when I met Jordan and Cassie who are my guardian angels now. It was like we were glued at the hip because we did everything together. Camp takes all your fears away, everyone knows what you are going through and you instantly bond. You get to vent and get things off your chest that friends back home just don’t understand. Camp is a confidence builder I never imagined that I would be able to go on a zipline or play drums in a drum circle. It just feels nice to fit in and not have people stare at you. I love camp and I will continue to go every opportunity I get.