Sarah C.

This was my second year at Camp Mak-A-Dream in Goldcreek, Montana and I obviously went back for a reason. Camp Mak-A-Dream is a special week where I can just cope with others that understand how I feel.

At Camp Mak-A-Dream it is so busy and there is always something to do at all times and that is what I love about it. I participated in activities like the climbing wall, riding horses, making art (like Tie-dye), playing many enjoyable games, bowling (outside of camp), and having chats with my cabin was one of my favorite things.

This year I pretty much expected most of the same things as last year, however I did expect to see lots of my old friends that I met from the previous year.

My impression of camp definitely changed me. It changed me mentally mostly because leaving camp I left with a sort of closure knowing that I am not alone with anything I’ve went through and that there are people who understand and have felt my pain.

There was so many favorite parts, but what stood out to me this year at camp was the cabin chats where we could hear various survival stories, and help each other with advice. I also loved the bowling.

I was actually very nervous to come to camp the first year. I was nervous to go somewhere without family, thinking I’d have no friends and wouldn’t fit in somehow. Why did I think this? I have no clue! Everyone at camp has a huge similarity, and that similarity brings everyone together in a way I can’t explain. Everyone is so friendly and before you know it, you’re friends with almost the whole camp.

Camp Mak-A-Dream is definitely an experience like no other. I will be attending this camp until I’m 18 and can’t attend anymore as a camper and maybe then I’ll even become a volunteer!

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